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It takes a village to raise a mother, too!

Welcome to the corner of the internet where we embrace everything postpartum, from the physical stuff to the mental and emotional rollercoaster.

Our vibe is all about taking a holistic approach because we know that recovering from pregnancy and birth is about way more than just physical healing. It's about feeling supported, understood, and empowered on every level.

We're on a mission to be your go-to spot for all things postpartum wellness. We handpick our tribe of experts who are just as passionate as we are about giving you the real deal when it comes to postpartum. Together, we're here to make sure you get the care and knowledge you need to rock this incredible phase of life like the badass mama you are.

Meet our Tribe of Experts

  • Jordyn - Your Birth Project - Hypnobirthing

    Jordyn - Your Birth Project - Hypnobirthing

    I am a trained Hypnobirthing Instructor with years of experience facilitating adult learning, a passionate birth nerd hosting NZs favourite Birth podcast and a Mum to two beautiful boys.  Your Birth Project is the place you go to create your...

  • Sarah Horne - Anchor Me Postpartum

    Sarah Horne - Anchor Me Postpartum

    As a new parent you can feel adrift in the uncharted waters of postpartum life Sarah, from Anchor Me Postpartum, provides holistic, personalised wrap-around support for as long as you need. From navigating new parenthood to finding a flow in the sea change, Sarah offers tailored, in-home visits and unlimited remote support to help you create a basic routine, understand your baby's sleep needs, and find a village of support. Her mission is to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with families throughout their unique postpartum journey, empowering them to confidently navigate the highs and lows of this pivotal time. Don't let the waves of postpartum overwhelm you – anchor yourself with Sarah and set sail with confidence.
  • Bub2Be - Midwife/Antenatal Educators

    Bub2Be - Midwife/Antenatal Educators

    Bub2Be New Zealand delivers unique, interactive, and parent-focused Antenatal Education across Te Ika-a-Māui (North Island - Auckland and Wellington). Our classes have been carefully designed by a Nurse and Midwife with over 20 years of experience, in collaboration with parents who understand their own unique needs!
  • Di McHardy - Mama's Meals

    Di McHardy - Mama's Meals

    Di is passionate about educating and inspiring families to nourish themselves through food no matter where they are in their parenthood journey. She knows how overwhelming it can be when starting solids and her hope is to simplify that through her platform, products and services. Di is especially passionate about supporting families in a holistic way to get to the root cause of some common symptoms experienced by babies and toddlers, but that can be supported and prevented through simple yet effective diet and lifestyle changes. 
  • Charlotte PHD MAMA

    Charlotte PHD MAMA

    Charlotte is a mama of two and currently studying her PHD at the University of Otago with the Department of Gender Studies & Sociology. Her research follows first-time mums through their journey into motherhood, throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum to better understand the experience and impact of becoming a first-time mum, and how we can better support parents in Aotearoa who are new parents. 
  • Jessica - Birth & Bloom - Hypnobirthing Educator, Birth & Postpartum Doula

    Jessica - Birth & Bloom - Hypnobirthing Educator, Birth & Postpartum Doula

    Jessica, from Birth & Bloom

    Offer in-person and online Hypnobirthing and Birth Preparation Classes

    Birth and Postpartum Doula support 

    Online Holistic Birth and Postpartum Course - coming soon!