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  • Alice's postpartum Unfiltered

    Alice's postpartum Unfiltered

    I’d never heard of low supply until I went through it myself. It's crazy to think about now because as I’ve opened up about it, I’ve heard more stories of mamas in similar situations. It seems it is a really common problem that is hushed away.
  • Kimberly's Postpartum Unfiltered

    Kimberly's Postpartum Unfiltered

    “I wish that I knew that Postpartum would be equally happy and sad and along with this would come tremendous amounts of Mum Guilt...
  • Charlie's Postpartum unfiltered

    Charlie's Postpartum unfiltered

    It took me a few days to notice the cause of the unease inside me when I would lay Ocean down in her little cot beside our bed to sleep...
  • Madame Milk Machine - Bee's Postpartum Unfiltered

    Madame Milk Machine - Bee's Postpartum Unfiltered

    My favourite way of describing birth for the first time is this: it’s like running a marathon where you can’t do any running beforehand, to prepare you can only read books about marathons and watch videos of other people running. And I think postpartum and motherhood in general are much the same.
  • Kiri Rose's Postpartum Unfiltered

    Kiri Rose's Postpartum Unfiltered

    So excited to be part of this and well-done team for making it a safe space/platform to be heard. Here is my 5c haha hope it resonates with some mammas out there!  Ah yes - the P word Postpartum….woah what...

  • Charlotte's Postpartum Unfiltered

    Charlotte's Postpartum Unfiltered

    "If I could go back to those early postpartum days, I wouldn't tell myself to soak it all in or enjoy every minute. I know I did my best at that...