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How to use

Sometimes things don't go as planned. Whatever way you birth, our products are useful. In fact, they have benefits beyond birth too. Check out how each product is used for both Vaginal and Belly Birth.

Healing Perineal Spray

Our Calendula-Witch Hazel potion is our ultimate all-rounder.

For Vaginal Birth:
There really are no rules with this mama. Spray directly to your perineal area as frequently as needed for a calming and cooling sensation. This is great to use every time you go toilet! Spray me upside down for easy application.

For C-Section Birth:
Once your initial bandage comes off, spray directly on your c-section incision.*
*Talk to your Lead Maternity Carer first to discuss your specific needs and when would be best to use.

Beyond postpartum:
The ingredients used are a natural remedy for any sort of cuts, grazes or booboos. It’s a great one to keep in your fridge for grazed knees or handyman hubby nicks and tears.

Peri Wash bottle

This funny-looking thing is your ultimate BFF for any toilet trip postpartum. 

Made to be held upside down, with a narrow angled neck for a comfortable continuous stream of relief that really hits the spot. Simply fill with lukewarm water, and add a few drops of The Good Witch Hazel. Point the nozzle towards the vaginal area and squeeze slowly.

For Vaginal Birth:
Adding 3-5 drops of The Good Witch Hazel to the bottle and squirt down there when you’re going pee. This helps with stinging sensations! No need to wipe, just dab with TP after.

For C-Section:
This little bad boy is useful for c-section recovery as it can be difficult to bend over. If you had an emergency belly birth you also may still have some swelling down below. 

AKA bum grapes, well that's what we like to call them. They’re not talked about enough but mixed with The Good Witch Hazel makes a great natural remedy to help with discomfort in the anal area.

Beyond Postpartum: 
10 points for creativity - we’ve seen partners using as drink bottles (although we wouldn't advise that) A great companion for camping trips, and a fun toy for your toddler (coming from experience!).

Padsicle Gel

Making your own padsicles is an easy and useful treatment for your postpartum care - whatever way you birth! So if you are making them and planning for a vaginal birth - but have a belly birth - they are still just as useful on your incision!  Our witch hazel and aloe vera blend provides instant cooling and supports the healing of sensitive skin tissues. 

To make them we have a tutorial here:

Squeeze a dollop of gel onto a new pad and smear it around. Fold the pad in half. Repeat on more pads, this gel makes up about 20 pads. Place the pads inside an airtight container or ziplock bag to keep them clean and avoid that weird freezer smell (preferably something reusable). 

For Vaginal Birth:
When you are ready to use, allow the pad to thaw a little at room temp before using it on your bare skin. Pop it on in replacement of your usual pad, or pop it inside your nappies. Use up to 3 x a day for the first few days.

For C-section Birth:
After your initial bandage has come off and you get the all-clear from your care provider, use the pads over your incision! It can provide instant cooling and supports the healing of sensitive skin tissues. WIN!

Beyond Postpartum:
If you have any left over, this makes for great face mask after a sleepless night! It is also useful as an after sun gel or to rub on your skin for some aloe goodness!

Witch Hazel

Known for cooling and calming sensitive skin. It can also help prevent the spread of bacteria, supports vaginal discomfort and relieves dry itchy skin, soothes tears after childbirth, and is gentle on sensitive areas down there, both anal and perineal.

For Vaginal Birth:
Add 3-5 drops in your Peri Wash Bottle, and give the bottle a shake. Useful for rinsing after peeing if toilet paper causes discomfort due to tears or stitches.

For C-section Birth:
You may have some swelling down below, even if you had a C-section birth! This is great to help calm the area. Otherwise, you can pop a few drops onto a pad and pop the pad over your incision* (Once initial bandage has been removed and had sign off from your maternity carer).

Did someone say bum grapes? They’re not talked about enough but this is a great natural remedy to help discomfort in the anal area.

Beyond Postpartum:
The benefits and uses of Witch Hazel really are endless! This is great to pop on your face as a toner!

Boob Balm

We like to call this the Wonder Balm - or Calendu-healer! It really is wonderful for all sorts of things. Suitable for both Vaginal and C-Section birth. 

With clean hands apply to nipple area in between feeds. No need to wash between feeds - bonus!

Beyond Postpartum:
Honestly, where do we start?! It makes an amazing nappy balm, postpartum belly balm, any dry skin area! Lips, elbows, even your feet! 

Perineal Massage Oil

Massaging the perineal area from 34 weeks onwards can support blood flow to the area, help the perineal skin stretch a little easier during birth, and may reduce the risk of tearing! These particular natural oils have been carefully selected to make the massage easier without messing with your vagina’s natural flora.

Here’s a step by step tutorial for you

Beyond Postpartum:
If you don’t get through it al before birth, postpartum perineal massage is also helpful for postpartum massage! Check with your Pelvic Floor Physio on when would be best to begin and how to do it to suit your body.

Also makes for a great face oil and baby massage oil! Helpful for vaginal dryness (Peri menopausal women). Unscented and only natural.


Breasties have been specifically designed to fit the contour of your breasts, sit comfortably in your bra, and even fit around your breast pump. Cold therapy is a safe and natural way to help comfort engorged areas. Heat therapy can help unblock ducts, encourage milk flow, and let down. Soothes engorged areas, is gentle on tender breasts, supports discomfort!

To use warm:
Wrap Breasties in a moist paper towel or cloth, and microwave in 10-second intervals, and no more than 30 seconds. Apply Breasties directly onto the breast inside your bra, fabric side to skin.

To use cold:
Keep the Breasties in the fridge or freezer for an hour or so. Once cold, apply directly onto breasts inside your bra, fabric side to skin. Side note - you don't have to be wearing a bra - free the nip!

Beyond Postpartum:
Keep in your freezer for any oopsie daisies as your baby becomes a toddler! Very helpful for little ouchies.

Postpartum Ice Packs

What’s the difference between the Perineal Ice Packs and the Belly Birth Ice packs? Nothing! We have done this so mamas know they can be used for both! If you have perineal ice packs and have a belly birth - you can still use them! Cold therapy is a safe and natural way to support the healing process and soothe discomfort from postpartum tearing, sensitive areas down there, episiotomy, and c-section. 

For Vaginal Birth:
Use cold:
Have ready to go in the freezer before birth. Pop on outside your pad and underwear to help with any burning sensations. You can even wear two pairs of undies one to help keep in place if you want to or just simply pop on lying down. Don’t pop ice pack directly on your bare skin, make sure you’re using the washable soft pink sleeves provided.
Use Warm: Once swelling has gone down you can use warm to help encourage blood flow to the area.

For C-Section:
Pop packs in the fridge for an hour or so. Once cold (not frozen), apply to c-section incision, don’t place it directly on skin, pop a towel in between. Use cold for the first few days. Helps soothing sensations. And if you deliver via c-section your vulva could still need heaps of love too! Use Warm: Once swelling has gone down you can use warm to help encourage blood flow to the area.

Beyond Postpartum:
Keep in your freezer for any oopsie daisies as your baby becomes a toddler! Very helpful for little ouchies.

raspberry leaf tea

Raspberry leaf has been used for centuries as a herbal remedy to support women's reproductive health, especially during pregnancy and labour, and to tone the uterus and prepare it for childbirth.

It's packed with nutrients that can support your body and your baby's growth. It may also help with some common discomforts, such as bloating, cramps, and nausea. It can also assist in postpartum healing.

Scoop a generous amount of tea into your favourite infuser or teapot with boiled water then let the tea brew before drinking. Drink up to 3 cups daily from 36 weeks.

Beyond Postpartum:
When you menstrual cycle retunrs, drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea can help with cramps, bloating and nausea! It really is a womens herb!

clary sage

Clary Sage is one of the most important essential oils for women throughout all phases of life, including during childbirth! Roll over pulse points.

For Labour:
Traditionally Clary Sage has been used as an aid during active labour as it is said to support uterine contractions and encourage the love hormone to flow. When it is go time - douse yourself in all its glory! Please note, this roller blend’s time to shine is only when you are in active labour! Don’t pull this one out of the bag until you are at least 37+ weeks gestation. 

Clary Sage is a great tool for postpartum too! It can help to naturally balance your hormones (postpartum is a hormone rollercoaster!) and support those feelings of overwhelm. The lavender also contributes to calming the mind.

Beyond Postpartum:
Clary Sage can help to ease pre-menstrual symptoms, try rolling it on your lower belly. It is s also beneficial for peri-menopause and menopause to support hot flushes!

Postpartum bath soak

That first postpartum bath just hits different, IYKYK. Made from natural healing ingredients not only soothing for your body but also your mind! 

Full Bath: Use as much or as little as you like, soak your whole body in the healing goodness. 

Sitz Bath: For a more targeted healing approach, you can create a concentrated mixture in a shallow bath and just sit your vulva in there.

Beyond Postpartum:
In the unlikely event that you have some left over (it's that good) you can use it to spice up any bath for soak away your sleepless nights or for any part of your body that needs some TLC.

birth comb

A great tool to have in your birthing toolkit! 

For Birth:
Gripping this comb in your hand during labour can help distract you from your contraction pain. Helping your mind and body to focus on a different area of pain, it’s a great pain management technique that we know many mamas may want to try!

You can use the comb to help massage your breasts to encourage milk flow. This with C-section desensitisation by lightly going over your belly birth scar (this is great to do before massage)

Beyond Postpartum:
Brushing your hair obvs!

Belly Mask

Designed specifically with mamas-to-be in mind. Think of a face sheet mask, but for your belly, because growing a human can be tiring stuff. Carefully selected to replenish, nourish and help tight, itchy, and stretching skin.

How to use:
Unfold the mask and gently apply over your belly, remove the netting. Adjust the mask to the contour of your belly with the hole sitting over your belly button (don’t worry if it doesn’t line up, mama!). Put your feet up and relax for 15 mins. After removing the belly mask, rub in any extra excess serum into your belly for a lil’ extra nourishment.

To Re-use:
Pop in a resealable, air tight container if you want to get multiple uses!

birth affirmations

Birth affirmations can be a helpful tool to have in your labour kit. Practising these affirmations daily can help you maintain a positive mindset when things get tough and remind you that you are powerful and you’ve got this, mama!

How to use:
Try to carve out a few minutes of quiet time a day in preparation for labour, read and say aloud the affirmations repeatedly and try to believe them. You could do this while doing a gentle yoga or meditation session.

Take them to your birth! And put them up on the wall or somewhere you can see them. Say them aloud through contractions.

Beyond Postpartum:
There are a few key affirmations in this pack that are also useful for the postpartum season. Say them aloud to yourself when needed to remind you of the badass mama you are!