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Steaming Your Queen With Yoni Steam NZ

Steaming Your Queen With Yoni Steam NZ

Vaginal / Pelvic / Yoni Steaming, formally called Peristeam Hydrotherapy, has been a way of healing and treating imbalances in the reproductive organs for centuries. From Korea to Ghana & right in our own backyard, Tohunga Māori used steam and rongoā as a traditional means of healing many ailments, women & men have been using this beautiful, holistic practice to heal themselves. Traditional Chinese Medicine & Eastern Doctors/Healers/Acupuncturists recognise this as a legitimate treatment. Unfortunately due to the onset of Western gynecology in the late 19th century which saw many practices like this banned, the world has been almost hidden from the wisdom of our midwives but thankfully with the teachers like Keli Garza (aka @steamychick) who are leading the way and bringing this practice back into light & recently to celebrities like Gweneth Paltrow & Jada Pinket Smith who are using their platforms to talk about it, we are able to revive our ancestral traditions that serve us so well.

So how does this steaming thing really work? Well, it involves boiling and steeping fresh and/or dried herbs in water, then sitting, standing or kneeling over a pot and allowing the herbal steam to permeate into the pelvis and reproductive organs. Steaming cleanses, lifts, disinfects, tightens, tones, strengthens and soothes the entire reproductive system. The addition of medicinal herbs is able to be absorbed through the sensitive mucous membrane in the vagina/anus and into the bloodstream. Herbal blends are carefully selected and formulated specifically to address issues in the reproductive organ but are also able to support liver, kidney & heart function! It’s such a gentle and relaxing ritual - you’ll want to add it to your self care routine ASAP!

For our postpartum māmā, steaming is hugely beneficial! Let me delve deep into some of these absolutely delicious benefits!

1. Steam Aids in Clearing out the Lochia

Postpartum yoni steaming supports the complete cleanse of the uterus including the lochia, a mixture of blood and mucus. The steam helps loosen and liquify the lochia allowing for its release to occur more quickly and more completely. 

Clearing out the Lochia:

  • Helps reduce the chance of infection, of which a fever is often a sign 

  • Reduces postpartum contractions

  • Helps the uterus get back to size and return to pre-pregnancy position 

  • Helps the menstrual cycle return with a normal, optimal, and pain free period

2. Steaming Supports the Tightening of the Vaginal Opening and Vaginal Canal (oh yes!)

As these vaginal tissues tighten they are better able to hold the uterus in aligned placement. In turn, other organs return to optimal positioning which helps prevent prolapse. Yay!

3. Steam Helps Lift the Uterus and Neighbouring Organs back into place

Steam has a rising action and lifts everything back where it belongs which is a critical aspect of postpartum healing.  

With organs back in place, incidences of bladder incontinence are reduced. Contrary to our cultural misbeliefs, incontinence is not inevitable!! It can be so discouraging that the images and stories we see negatively impact our view on postpartum. Rather, incontinence is a sign of incomplete postpartum healing.   

4. Steam Reduces Skin Swelling

Yoni steaming postpartum helps swollen skin go back to normal.

5. Steam Can Help Heal haemorrhoids

With the large sized hole in both Te Māmā & Te Wahine steam thrones, these have been purposely designed to allow the steam to reach and heal the entire pelvic floor region.

For optimal benefits for haemorrhoid release, make sure you are positioned properly so that the steam reaches all areas of the pelvic floor, including the anus (lift/spread the cheeks for better positioning!)

6. Steam Increases Circulation and Disperses Water Retention

As unaddressed water retention turns to fat after 3-4 weeks, this may be why one study showed that postpartum vaginal steaming supported quickened weight loss. 

7. Postpartum Yoni Steaming may Address Past Period Problems

After delivery, the cervix remains open for 4-6 weeks. So during your yoni steam for postpartum, the cervix is open. This makes it it an optimal time for a full uterine reset.

Birthing people who received a good cleanse from postpartum vaginal steaming have reported experiencing healthier periods after having given birth than they had pre-conception.

(**Side note: as a Peristeam Practitioner one of our main goals is to ensure those who have a monthly cycle have a standard healthy period. Postpartum we would expect to see your period return within 9-12 months & this is what we hope to see: a period that is 4 days of fresh scarlet red blood at a consistent, light to medium flow, zero cramping, minimised PMS & a 28-30 day cycle... and yes this can be achievable through steaming & if you are not experiencing this then we treat the imbalances you are seeing**)

8. Vaginal Steaming Releases Oxytocin, the infamous feel good/ loving hormone (the same one that helps bring on labour!)

Stimulation of the cervix and uterine walls releases oxytocin. As mentioned above, during postpartum yoni steaming the cervix is often open. This allows the steam to touch the vaginal canal and cervix and to stimulate the uterine walls. 

This happy/warm fuzzy hormone is also an important piece of the prevention of postpartum depression and oxytocin also helps support milk supply. 

Something important to remember is that Postpartum yoni steaming is only safe after the uterine arteries have closed. In consultations I am able to prescribe proper herbs and a personalised steaming schedule that will be critical for safety. 

If you are wanting to support your womb during the fourth trimester or even to assist in bringing on labour or heal after a pregnancy loss, if you want to treat menstrual cycle imbalances, connect deeper to your womb & want to do it in a naturally, self-loving & truly empowering way - why not give steaming ya vag a go! I love supporting women & cannot wait to hear from you! Visit our website or our instagram page @yonisteamnz 

Lots of love, Kirstyn at Yoni Steam NZ xx



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