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  • The Revival Kit -Postpartum Recovery
  • The Revival Kit -Postpartum Recovery
  • The Revival Kit -Postpartum Recovery

The Revival Kit -Postpartum Recovery

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Like a FIRST AID KIT, but for the revival of your VULVA (or belly)!! Viva La Vulva’s The Revival Kit is THE most essential kit for your after-birth recovery.

The fourth trimester is the period post-birth where things can be incredibly demanding on your body and mind.

That's where Viva La Vulva comes in, to help you recover during this special time in your life.

This kit is designed specifically with your postpartum recovery and breastfeeding journey in mind, and will accompany you through each step of your postpartum journey.

With our range of products tailored just for you, mama, The Revival Kit ensures that you are well taken care of! And it’s just fitting that you can’t spell revival without VIVA!!!

So if you're a postpartum mama looking out for yourself, or a friend/partner looking out for a mama-to-be or new-mama, take advantage of this amazing bundle specially created for postpartum recovery and relaxation!

*AND.. we're super excited to share that we've teamed up with another incredible New Zealand business Two Islands to bring you a game changing product to support your breastfeeding journey for a limited time!

Two Islands Milk Maker - A 10 day Milk Maker Sampler provides a short-term boost of milk volume for breastfeeding mums and is an ideal way to trial Two Islands popular fast-acting lactation support product. Milk Maker is an all-natural supplement designed to support optimal breast milk production during lactation. This specially formulated supplement supports the body's natural response to stress while soothing the digestion of both mama and baby. All in a convenient 1-a-day fast acting capsule so you can get the herbal support you need at home or on the go!

We’ve got you, mama! 

What's Included

Peri Wash Bottle Sometimes wiping just isn’t an option and it stings to pee. Let’s face it, it’s FRAGILE AF down there! Your Peri Wash Bottle helps dilute your urine to prevent stinging. Not made to be put in sterilisers or the dishwasher as it will melt!! Simply wash with hot soapy water and rinse thoroughly before and after use.

Healing Perineal Spray Ready-to-use supports healing times, supports healing of sensitive skin tissues, it’s a natural antibacterial and prevents the spread of bacteria. It soothes tears, stitches and c-section incisions and helps soothe sensitive areas down there (now includes witch hazel and can spray upside down!)

Perineal Power Soothing Icepacks Cold therapy is a safe and natural way to soothe discomfort from postpartum tearing, sensitive areas down there, episiotomy, caesarean. Supports the healing process.

Breasties Cold therapy is a safe and natural way to help comfort engorged areas. Heat therapy can help unblock ducts, encourage milk flow and let down. Soothes engorged areas, gentle on tender breasts, supports discomfort.

The Good Witch Hazel A magical potion, used for centuries, witch hazel soothes and calms when it feels like everything is on fire down there. It is known for cooling and calming sensitive skin. Not only that, it can also help prevent the spread of bacteria, supports vaginal discomfort and relieves dry itchy skin, soothes tears after childbirth and is gentle on sensitive areas down there, both anal and perineal.

Padsicle Gel With a witch hazel and aloe vera blend, Padsicle Gel provides cooling, supports healing of sensitive skin tissues. Also you know how aloe vera feels on sunburn, so you can imagine how gentle and soothing it will feel down there.

Postpartum Healing Bath Soak Our soak is a little treat for mama to take some time to relax while also aiding the healing process. It’s made with 100% natural ingredients, it includes Hypercal Healing Tincture and The Good Witch Hazel, this soak heals and soothes

B( . ) ( . )B Balm Applying a small amount after breastfeeding helps soothe, protect and nourish dry and cracked nipples. Hand-blended from all-natural ingredients, B( . )( . )B Balm is safe for mama and baby too, no need to wash it off before breastfeeding

  • Organic and vegan
  • Natural ingredients
  • Only tested on human mamas
  • Mama and babe safe
  • Traditional remedy

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