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  • The Mama-To-Be Baby Shower Gift Bundle
  • The Mama-To-Be Baby Shower Gift Bundle

The Mama-To-Be Baby Shower Gift Bundle

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Get ready to shower that mama-to-be with some serious love! We've got the ultimate gift that her vulva (or belly) will thank you for!

Introducing our one-of-a-kind Mama-to-be Baby Shower Gift Bundle – packed with goodies to help her recover like a boss.

Now, we know that baby will be spoilt with adorable gifts, but let's not forget about the superhero mama herself. This bundle is all about celebrating her and her incredible bod and letting her know she's still the star of the show!

Inside this gift bundle, you'll find postpartum must-haves and a couple of our luxe products that'll have her feeling like a Queen. From our Healing Perineal Spray to our signature scented pink candle and more, our Mama-to-be Baby Shower Gift Bundle is here to give her that extra oomph in her pregnancy and recovery journey.

Get that mama the care she deserves. It's time to ditch the same-old baby gifts (we’re talking onesies, onesies, and more onesies) and focus on the mama's well-being.

- We can also write in the card on your behalf, and wrap this bundle up in our pink Viva La Vulva gift box


Postpartum Healing Bath Soak - Epsom Salts, Viva La Vulva Hypercal Healing Tincture, Lavender Oil, Witch Hazel, Pink Mica Powder and cute little rose petals

Healing Perineal Spray - Calendula, Hypericum, Witch Hazel, Aqua, Sodium Benzoate, Gluconolactone. 

The Good Witch Hazel - Aqua, Witch Hazel Tincture, Alcohol, Gluconolactone, Preservative.

Mama-to-be Belly Mask - Aloe Vera juice, Kiwifruit Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Oil, Vitamin E, Witch Hazel, Orange + Ylang Ylang.

Peri Wash Bottle: BPA plastic free and recyclable.

In the unlikely event that irritation occurs, please discontinue use.

What's Included

Terry Towel Toiletry Bag - perfect to pack your products for the hospital

Greeting Card - ‘Holy Shit you’re having a baby’ - We can write in the card on your behalf!

Pink, Scented Candle - ‘You’ve got this, mama’ - French Pear

Postpartum Healing Bath Soak - a little treat for mama to take some time to relax while also aiding the healing process. It’s made with 100% natural ingredients, it includes Hypercal Healing Tincture and The Good Witch Hazel, this soak heals and soothes. Not just for your body but your soul too!

Peri Wash Bottle - Sometimes wiping just isn’t an option and it stings to pee. Let’s face it, it’s FRAGILE AF down there! Your Peri Wash Bottle helps dilute your urine to prevent stinging.

Healing Perineal Spray - Supports healing times, supports healing of sensitive skin tissues, it’s a natural antibacterial and prevents the spread of bacteria. It soothes tears, stitches and c-section incisions and helps soothe sensitive areas down there. (now includes witch hazel and can spray upside down!)

The Good Witch Hazel - A magical potion, used for centuries, witch hazel soothes and calms when it feels like everything is on fire down there. It is known for cooling and calming sensitive skin. Not only that, it can also help prevent the spread of bacteria, supports vaginal discomfort and relieves dry itchy skin, soothes tears after childbirth and is gentle on sensitive areas down there, both anus and perineum.

Mama-to-be Belly Mask - Think of a face sheet mask, but for your belly, because growing a human can be tiring stuff. Take some time to pamper you and your ever-expanding belly with all-natural hydrating ingredients. Carefully selected to replenish, nourish and help tight, itchy, and stretching skin.

  • Bundle + save
  • Natural ingredients
  • Only tested on human mamas
  • Mama and babe safe
  • Traditional remedy

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