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  • Breast Friends Bundle
  • Breast Friends Bundle
  • Breast Friends Bundle

Breast Friends Bundle

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It's time that two of our boobie products joined forces to make an epic boobie recovery pack for you mama!

B( . )( . )B Balm - Viva La Vulva’s SOS response for your precious nipples, and

Breasties - the hot/cold therapy for your lovely jubblies

When you’re all touched out, and feel like a feeding machine, pop on your Breasties and lather up on B( . )( . )B Balm- they’ll be your breast friends.

*AND.. we're super excited to share that we've teamed up with another incredible New Zealand business Two Islands to bring you a game changing product to support your breastfeeding journey for a limited time!

Two Islands Milk Maker - A 10 day Milk Maker Sampler provides a short-term boost of milk volume for breastfeeding mums and is an ideal way to trial Two Islands popular fast-acting lactation support product. Milk Maker is an all-natural supplement designed to support optimal breast milk production during lactation. This specially formulated supplement supports the body's natural response to stress while soothing the digestion of both mama and baby. All in a convenient 1-a-day fast acting capsule so you can get the herbal support you need at home or on the go!





B( . )( . )B Balm is suitable to soothe nipple discomfort. Apply a small amount of balm after breastfeeding to help protect and nourish dry and cracked nipples. Hand-blended from all natural ingredients, B( . )( . )B Balm is safe for mama and baby too, no need to wash it off before breastfeeding.

Viva La Vulva Breasties have been specifically designed to fit the contour of your breasts, sit comfortably in your bra, and even fit around your breast pump.

Cold therapy is a safe and natural way to help comfort engorged areas.

Heat therapy can help unblock ducts, encourage milk flow and let down. Soothes engorged areas, gentle on tender breasts, supports discomfort.


B( . )( . )B Balm: Organic Beeswax, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Calendula Oil, Vitamin E.

Breasties: Inner contents: Gycerin, Sodium Polyacrylate, Sobitol, Water. Outer material: PVC, 100% polyester

Milk Maker: Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) seed 4,000mg, Goat's Rue (Galega officinalis) plant 4,000mg, Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) root 1,500mg, Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) seed 1,200mg

How to use

With clean hands apply B( . )( .)B Balm to nipple area in between feeds.

Breasties: Wrap Breasties in a moist paper towel or cloth, and microwave in 10-second intervals, and no more than 30 seconds. Apply Breasties directly onto the breast inside your bra, fabric side to skin. To use cold: Keep the Breasties in the fridge or freezer for an hour or so. Once cold, apply directly onto breasts inside your bra, fabric side to skin. Side note - you don't have to be wearing a bra - free the nip!

Milk Maker: It is recommended to take 1 capsule of Milk Maker with water in the morning with food. For further support, the dose may be increased to 1 capsule, twice daily.

Check with your healthcare provider before use.

Fenugreek and Goat’s Rue are known to lower blood sugar levels, therefore Milk Maker is not recommended for diabetics or those taking insulin or blood sugar lowering medications.

We do not recommend taking Milk Maker while taking insulin or blood sugar lowering medication. Herbs such as Fenugreek and Goats Rue can have hypoglycaemic effects, so they are best avoided while on these medications.

Not to be used during pregnancy.

What's Included

1 x 60g B( . )( . )B Balm

1 x Pack of 2 reusable gel bead packs

1x Milk Maker 10x vege capsules

  • A great pair
  • Multi use
  • Only tested on human mamas
  • Mama and babe safe
  • Traditional remedy

Customer Reviews

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Anya Alessandria
Great gift

Great gift for my friend who is an expecting Mumma! X

Mel Szentivanyi
best gift

Bought as a gift, it has made one very happy mum to be.